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Want to bring your business

on-top through innovative startups?

digital entry advises firms in digital strategy, innovative product developments and startup acquisition. We assists and accompany your digital transformation.

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digital entry helps you to define your digital strategy as well as the integration into the overall corporate strategy. For vision and goals for the digital transformation, digital entry will help you with all necessary steps. The decision as to whether you would like to develop innovative business fields yourself or buy startups we accompany you as digital consultancy all along the way in a cooperative and purposeful way at your side.

The digital consultancy digital entry develops business plans with your medium-sized company or corporation in order to accompany the successful implementation. After the conception of the first "minimum viable products", called MVP, products are first tested in a demarcated customer test environment in order to then analyze their first usage and customer behavior. Iteratively, these MVPs are adjusted to meet market and customer expectations until a first alpha product can be launched on the market with a soft launch.

Our digital consultancy brings to the table these necessary state-of-the-art technologies, development- and analysis tools to further develop products of this phase. This development process is implemented with a mixed team of clients and digital entry colleagues. Whether you need a market overview of your industry's innovations or your company is already well informed about innovative companies: If you want to buy startups, digital entry is your partner for the entire startup buying process from idea to purchase.


digital entry creates longlists from attractive startups to give you the opportunity to increase your speed, as well as to develop new ideas with innovative teams on your own. Together, we set acquisition goals and negotiate the purchase contract with lawyers specializing in startup m&a. digital entry ensures that the management remains incentivized after the deal, and prepares a professional, goal-based investment partizipation management. So your company will take the essential steps to actively manage digital transformation and you will be able to look forward to a successful business development in the future.

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