Bonus podcast about unit economics

of Flixbus with CFO Arnd Schwierholz

Unit economics von Flixbus aka Flixmobility.MP3Patrick Setzer, Arnd Schwierholz
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In this bonus track of the Mobility Podcast, Patrick Setzer discusses with Arnd Schwierholz of Flixmobility alias Flixbus how tech companies calculate their unit economics and profit margins to finance and build scalable business models with venture capital firms. Arnd Schwierholz essentially focuses on the contribution levels 1 - 4 from Flixmobility and their existing positive EBITDA and EBIT. Similarly, the key parameters such as customer acquisition costs and customer life time value which the Flixbus management discusses with their investors to decide whether to invest in new markets or products. The main point here is the different approaches of big corporations that expect high EBIT margins in the first year versus the focus of venture capital investors,

who habve the long-term view and see scaling effects.