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As an innovation consultancy, we develop business ideas with high potential for success and undertake early customer & market tests

Challenge: Often the best ideas are stuck in your own company, but getting them highlighted and ready for the market is difficult 

Service examples:

Development of Disruptive Ideas

Market Tests of

Business Ideas

Your chance: Combining internal and external innovative ideas as well as testing them increases the chance to develop the next future star product

"Start your venture without an idea"! The concept that a business idea alone leads to innovation is a common misconception. Innovative ideas are the basis for a structured process until innovations are competitively launched and established in the market.

We advise on the creative process, review the competition and the marketability of a disruptive idea and test products with a focused view of the customer.

If your products and services are slowly getting competition, and your management lacks ideas and the capability of their implemantation, digital entry is your creative thinker, as well as a capable converter. From idea, to securing intellectual property, analysis of the competitive environment, buy-and-build strategies, design and implementation of the first minimal viable products:

We advise you in the realization of your innovation!

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