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The mobility podcast series with Patrick Setzer

about all future automotive and mobility topics:

autonomous, connected, electrified and shared (ACES)


New mobility podcast series on Digital Kompakt about all topics of the future of mobility. Patrick Setzer, the managing director of consulting firm digital entry, speaks in the Mobility Podcast with the most interesting startups and most exciting founders from the startup scene. In detail, founders and entrepreneurs discuss their founder's experiences during the startup setup and share the biggest successes and hurdles.


The mobility podcast also looks at the mobility world from a venture capital perspective, discusses current venture capital financing rounds of startups and discusses the status of the global investor scene with entrepreneurs and investment managers. The mobility podcast invites guests of innovative business ideas from autonomous driving, connected cars, electrification of car fleets and shared services sectors to for an approximately one hour podcast.


Autonomous driving talks about technology companies such as Waymo, Uber, Zoox or Aurora and the challenges of driving without drivers for car manufacturers, tech-companies, cities and citizens. Connected Car and fleet electrification focuses on topics like sensors, HD and 3D maps, the global charging infrastructure and the replacement of transmissions and internal combustion engines with electric motors and batteries. The fourth area, shared mobility services, will be accompanied in the Mobility Podcast by guests of the carsharing, escooter, ebike and on-demand mobility companies.


In detail here the transition from car as a possession to a shared asset operated by technology providers as a fleet is here discussed. The Mobility Podcast aims to develop good knowledge about the global mobility industry. It will present innovative mobility concepts for countries and cities, stimulate debate on these issues and drive forward European and global change from the car to the mobility industry.


All here in the


mobility podcast from digital entry with Patrick Setzer.


Making-the-Startup podcast 

Successful and aspiring entrepreneurs are given a stage in this podcast series: What drives them, what development steps have they taken in their professional and private lives, how have they dealt with setbacks and how do they motivate themselves and others? Interesting founders with the most exciting startups are presented and discussed here!

with Patrick Setzer, digital entry


Making-the-Startup - The Founder Podcast

The Making-the-Startup podcast series aims to create a stage for both successful and aspiring entrepreneurs. Patrick Setzer, the moderator of Making-the-Startup, has dealt with countless small and large startups in innovative segments over the past 20 years and has also founded several startups himself and got to know incredibly visionary entrepreneurs and strong founding personalities. And that's exactly what Making-the-Startup is all about: exactly what drives them, what development steps they have taken in their professional and personal lives, how they dealt with setbacks and how they motivate themselves and others. In the podcast series Making-the-Startup you will get to know very interesting entrepreneurs and founders, benefit from their experiences and accompany them in their most exciting startup moments. And finally, the guests will also be presented with a cross-industry mix of startups and companies that could be very interesting for one or the other venture capitalist. 

Inspiring entrepreneurs and founder personalities

Venture capitalists rightly say that more than half of the success of a business idea depends on the founding team and not just on the idea of ​​how to wrongly assume. Patrick Setzer, Managing Director of the consulting firm digital entry, speaks in the podcast Making-the-Startup with the most interesting startup founders and the most exciting entrepreneurs from the startup and corporate scene. In detail, your start-up experience with start-ups is discussed with founders and entrepreneurs and the greatest successes and hurdles are shared. The Making-the-Startup podcast also looks at the world of startups and innovations from a venture capital perspective, discusses current venture capital financing rounds of startups, and discusses the status of the global investor scene with entrepreneurs and investment managers. How does a young or medium-sized company, for example, master the challenge of getting good staff when large tech-companies outperform you in terms of brand, salary payments, bonuses, stock-options, startup-lifestyle and lifelong learning? You can find the answers in the Making-the-Startup podcast. The digital entry founder invites guests to innovative business ideas from all sectors and industrial areas to Making-the-Startup.

All topics about founding and growing

The podcast Making-the-Startup sheds light on valuable experience from founders across all industries, as well as hurdles in setting up a startup. There is detailed discussion of all the details of the business idea, market and competition research, business planning, first steps in the market, proof-of-concepts, legal forms, founding teams and much more. The goal of making the startup is to develop a good knowledge of the opportunities and risks of starting a business. Decision aids, tools, market analyzes, business plans and much more are to be presented and discussed in order to establish and develop innovations.

Patrick Setzer is moderator of the podcast Making-the-Startup

Making-the-Startup host is the founder and managing director of digital entry GmbH, which advises companies on the planning, development and purchase of startups, and is also partially involved in the restructuring of startups. The founder has been in the startup and digital business for over 20 years, has founded himself several times, restructured and sold internet companies for Dax groups, participated in the global rollercoaster ride of a large startup for five years in a renewable energy company and most recently was globally responsible for mobility services units at BMW Group. This look at startups and corporations inspired him to found the consulting company digital entry in 2018 because there is still a lot of work to be done in the area of ​​innovation and startups and he would like to make a contribution here with the digital consulting firm and the podcast series. The idea for Making-the-Startup came to him from a customer who participated in an Amazon Prime Video series called Making the Cut - but more about that in podcast number 1 from Making-the-Startup.

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