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As restructuring consulting we do stand in dynamic phases of your company at your side and support in restructuring, turnaround and pivot 

Challenge: If the planned businessmodel does not work, strategy and organisation quickly need to be adapted

Service examples:

Strategic focus



Goal alignment

Your chance: Fast strategic change and adaption of the organisation saves company values and secures long-term growth

Are you faced with the challenge of restructuring a young company or a digital business? Restructuring consulting can be crucial here. Even successful startups may notice the need for a strategy change or pivot in some situations, need of a reorganization or suffer too high a cost. Through our many years of experience as a restructuring consultancy, we help you bring a company that has come into crisis back into profitability. We accompany and guide you on this journey through important decisions and help with the implementation of necessary measures. The following exemplary challenges and solutions could be relevant for you with restructuring advice at your side:


Strategic reorientation

In strongly changing conditions it happens that, for example, turnover as the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is no longer expedient. Here, shareholders and the management are asked together to actively tackle a strategy change together with a restructuring consulting, for example by a change of target to EBITDA. The restructuring consultancy works with the client to develop a quick strategy adjustment and so bypasses deeper cuts or even a reorganization of the company and achieveing an early turnaround. Following the strategic reorientation that was worked out with the restructuring advisory service, the discontinued operations will be delimited from the new core business as Discontinued Operations and the focus will once again be on the future.

Restructuring of the organization (personnel, processes, etc.)

Setting up and adapting organizational structures is one of our core services as a restructuring consultancy to our clients through our focus on digital, rapidly growing business models and digital transformation. If founders, together with investors, are initially very active in hiring staff, they are more difficult to adapt to the current requirements in startup situations in situations of upheaval. Due to the extensive networking with the German and European startup scene, we introduce decisive benchmarks with regard to unit economics and contribution margins and actively support the founders' management with the restructuring advice in the restructuring of the organizational structures. Young companies deliberately do not spend much time with documentation in the start-up and growth phases. It is not trivial to set the right time for defined processes, as well as an organizational structure with adequate structures. Here we perform a benchmarking as restructuring advice and then adapt structures.

Mediation between founders and partners in conflict situations

As a restructuring consultancy we often appear when divergent views of the strategic business alignment arise between shareholders, founders and the management. If a business does not turn out to be a "category killer" and grows more slowly than previous plans have shown, there are occasional discrepancies between shareholders and founders / management about the response measures. Here arranges a restructuring advice with elaboration of different action scenarios and bring all parties together up to a common direction decision. Through the development of clear target systems and fact-based reporting, we bring common corporate goals back into the foreground and thus support the trusting and transparent cooperation of all stakeholders. digital entry is your restructuring consulting with a strong hands-on approach for young and innovative companies.

Operational support and interim management

In addition to strategic considerations, we support directly in the operational implementation and day-to-day business of the economic unit to be restructured. With entrepreneurial management, we manage projects or departments and bring operational excellence to young companies. On the basis of extensive experience in restructuring consulting for the restructure and realignment of companies, our broad network of entrepreneurs and digitally affine managers, we steer our clients back to success in quick projects.

Adaptation of the product and service portfolio

If we counteract as restructuring advisor a potential reorganization of a fast-growing company at an early stage, a review of market demand and customer satisfaction is essential. If the unit economics are not yet sufficient, user journeys do not yet lead to the desired purchase rates or the Net Promotor Score does not show satisfactory results, we will consider possible reaction options as restructuring advice and support the team in the development and necessary adjustment.

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